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These are favorite images from Mike and Jackie's travels throughout the World. This web page includes some photos from Amsterdam where we flew to start our voyage. France was unique in the mixture of venues, most notably, a 60-mile cruise up the Gironde river to Bordeaux.  This was possible because we were on a small(er) ship that could navigate the river and fit under the bridges. Bordeaux, on a Sunday morning, is beautiful.

The other venues included small villages like Concarneau and Pont Aven, and wine country like St. Emilion.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


Reflection of Prinsendam

Port reflects houses

New Museum

Along the Dutch Coast

Dutch buildings on shore
L'Orient/Concarneau France

Walking to Town

Waterfront buildings

Harbor separates walled city

Typical Boat

More Boats

Walled Island

Centuries old

Architectural Detail


Village Lampost

Typical Building

Shopping Street

Outside the Walls

Riding low in the water

Edge of Island

Relic Anchor

From the Island to Town

Gauguin Monument -Pont Aven

Old Millhouse

Duck Rock

Flows Through Town

Modern Store Front

Vintage Building

More unusual merchandise

Xavier Grall, Breton poet

Public restrooms

Church on hill

The Crew at work

Stream through town

Pont Aven landmark

Breton dancers on the dock

Someone's not happy

Musicians on traditional instruments

Performing for the departing ship

Sunset in Brittany
Bordeaux France

Place de la Bourse and reflecting pool

Along the waterfront boulevard

Parked downtown

Our stateroom is 2nd level back

The Maritime Bourse

Circus: stone's throw away from ship

Behold the biker

Inside the city gates

Winding Bordeaux street

Keeping an eye on things

Looking across the Garonne

Gargoyles have their say

Market outside the cathedral

Pey Berland bell tower

Opening a Sunday mini market

Pedestrian mall

Morning chat

Carousel near the Place de Tourny

City Gate


Along the street

Bordeaux Map

Place des Grands Hommes luxury shops

21st century Bordeaux

Portico of neoclassical Grand Theatre

Sunday morning conversation

Practicing gymnastics

The art class

Notre Dame Church of the Dominicans

Top of the City Gate

Indians at the market

Bakery display of rock bread

Under orders to sit still

Waterfront gardens

Along the waterfront

View of the Pont de Pierre in early morning

The caramel Garonne River

St. Emilion, France

Grape vines and town of St. Emilion

Great wall, ruins of first Dominican convent

Houses of St. Emilion

Cow's eye view

Looking down at the town and tourists

Cloisters of the Church

Built 900 years ago

The monolithic underground church

Holy Trinity Chapel of hermitage cave

New Pomerol winery

Roses planted with grapes to forewarn of fungus

Visitor Center in Castle

St. Emilion Jurisdiction

Protected by Nat'l Heritage

Ancient Cathedral

In the Catacombs

Artisan Shop

Sculpture garden

Monolith in valley

Across town

Vineyards everywhere

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