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Portugal is an amazing place... and you haven't lived until you've tried to negotiate the Lison system of streetcars.  And don't miss Obidos... ancient hilltop town.

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Leixoes & Guimar„es

The port is packed with birds

In the Portuguese countryside

Guimaraes, the bithplace of Portugal

The center of town

Castle begun in the 10th century

Door to the Paco dos Duques de Braganca

Castle entrance

Castle courtyard


Poor Soul

Chapel windows

Stained glass reflections

The portico

The dining hall

Tapestry close-up

Palace window

And the weapons room

Airing out the shoes

Local mailman

School's out

Headin' home for lunch

Around the main plaza

Church of the Virgen Mary

Padrao do Salado in Oliveira Square

Old Quarter of the World Heritage site

Old and new

Modern art in the Old Town

More art

Portuguese tile work

Into the older part of town

Manor house

Everyday life in Guimaraes

Traditional display

And a Modern One

Lots of plants

Local crafts

Waiting for tourists

Historical Map

First glimpse of Lisbon at dawn

Lisbon, westernmost capital of Europe

Under Lisbon's version of the Golden Gate bridge

Padrao dos Descobrimentos

Carvings on the Discoveries Monument

Monastery, Monument and reflecting pool

Gardens Sculptures

Reflecting Pools

Adjacent Marina


Jeronimos Monastery and Cloisters in Belem

Entry doors

On the upper story

Inside the Monastery Church


Monastery Miniature


High ceilings

Burials inside the Monastery Chapel

Carving in chapel choir loft-love the pageholder

Steep church stairs and the mop

Castelo de Sao Jorge courtyard

City Entrance

Long Promenades

Lots to buy

Lots of Shoppers

Another view-Lisbon's many churches

Resident peacocks at the Castelo

City of tiles

Crowding onto the trolley

From the Fort

Cannons at the ready

Outer walls and dried moat

Inside the walls

The mime and the boys

Another Street mime

Unusual storefront

Middle of the street sculpture

Along the waterfront

The long and full history of Lisbon

Five story Belem Tower, built on an island

Across from the main city of Lisbon

Along the harbor

Modern Lisbon

Portuguese countryside

The old Portuguese wind power

Modern sloganeering

Grape vines and olive trees

Tourist Summary

Medieval town of Obidos, Portugal

History preserved

Parish Church of Santa Maria

Early morning quiet

Medieval flavor

Local musician

Local market opens for business

At home on the portico

Steep, colorful streets

At the castle, now a hotel

Another view

The old

And the new

Museum poster

The sweet shop

The crocheter

The famous Obidos pears

Hard at work


Handicrafts shop

Up to the Castle

Rustic Lamp (with wire)

Interesting shops abound

With colorful glassware

And interesting tile work

Creative bowls

Anybody need a sword?

Wide variety of local Liqueur

Mike liked thie plate!

Shop Sentry

Unusual town roofscape

Taxi anybody?

Across the valley

Ups and downs

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