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Spain has incredible history... and Barcelona is a phenomenon. This trip, we walked all around the city, whereas in our previous trip, we concentrated on the amazing architecture of Antoni Gaudi. So be sure to see the Gaudi tour on the Barcelona pages of

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A Coruna

A Coruna's welcome sign

Across the harbor

The city's living calendar

And clock

The Museum of Mankind

A Coruna sculpture in motion

Beaches along the Bay of Coruna

Tower of Hercules lighthouse, built by Romans

Colonnade of City Hall

Maria Pita Square

Maria Pita, who warned the town of Francis Drake's invasion

Waterfront galleries built to reflect sunlight

View from Mt. San Pedro

Local graffiti

Portside statues

Another view

The clock tower

Control Tower in the distance

Waterfront plaza, Cadiz

One of Iberia's oldest cities

Side street.

Edge of Genovesa Park

One of several cathedrals

Sunlight & shadow

Gathering place

Morning chores

Gorgeous fountain

Cadiz at night
Vejer de la Frontera

Vejer de la Frontera

Whitest of the White Villages

Typical street

Frogs of the Plaza de los Pescaitos

The frog speaks

Tiles, towers & gargoyles

Sidewalk patterned with symbols

Moorish & Mudejar influence

Windows wear heavy sun protection

Local shop

Patio in home

Religious Art abounds

And also shops

Walled town

Finally, an inhabitant

Walls of the ancient castle

A stop at the lighthouse

Giant symbol of the bull breeding area
Conil de la Frontera
The beach at Conil de la Frontera

Seaside blooms

Faux Arabic Guzman Tower

Tearing down history to build tourism

Seashore shopping
Gibraltar - British Territory

Entering the port of Gibraltar

Once considered to be the edge of all land

Mapping the Rock

Cable car to the top

Framing our ship

Under construction  1783-1900

Interesting name for entrance gates

The road down

Siege tunnels excavated 1779-1783 for defense

Display in the Great Siege Tunnels

The Barbary Macaque

It's a long way down

Mom and Clingon

Watching us watching them


Time out

Just thinking, and planning

Plan in action


Surveying his kingdom

The center of Gibraltar

Aerial view of the botanical garden

Cemetary, airport and border with Spain

At the glass factory

Old reflected in the new

Commemorating the enforced evacuation to make room for British troops

1841 lighthouse, with range of 37km

Gibraltar ladies on an outing

Leaving port

Torre Agbar in the distance

Gothic District, near the Cathedral

Stained glass windows

Wide angle altar

Impressive organ pipes

One of many shrines

And another

Arches within arches

Interesting depiction, tho not for the dog

Cleaning the statue

Architectural potpourri

An odd grouping

Statue of bank founder Francesc Cambo in front of La Caixa

Barcelona balconies

Reminiscent of Venice

Gothic District harpist

Outside Santa Caterina Market

Tomatoes in the market

Curved streets confound tourists

End of a demonstration for Catalonian independence

Las Ramblas shopping

In the Cultural Information Center

Nautical wall sculpture

Shop window (with photographer)

Dali Clocks

A maze of stuff"

Another Store window


The Umbrella Building on Las Ramblas

Lion wears the crown

Busy Placa de Catalunya

Royal welcome

Street Creature

Cycles and statues

Ever present police

Strangely decorated building

Unusual facade

Our hotel roof

Barcelona at dusk

Pastry Dragon

Calorie night on the ship

Chocolate Sculptures

Everything is candy!

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